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prayer for the festivals of light

an interfaith prayer

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The rebirth of the life-generating and life-sustaining sun

 at the darkest moment of the seasons;

The oil of an ancient temple lamp burning beyond its limit;

A shining star in a dark sky illuminating the way;

The light of mercy revealed through prayer and devotion;

The guiding light of seven principles arising from the heart of

the Dark Continent.

This is the season of The Festivals of Light...

The Winter Solstice,





In the darkness of this Winter

during these terror filled and challenging times;

May we all find the light in darkness,

faith amidst struggle,

rebirth following change and loss,

and virtue and devotion in the face of great challenge.


Published in: Beben, M. T. (2002). 

New Wine: More Eucharistic Liturgies for 21st Century Small Faith Communities.

Boulder, CO: Woven Word Press.




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