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integral cinema studio

an online article series on

integral cinema theory and practice

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"The Integral Cinema Studio series is a pioneering exploration of film and cinema through an integral lens, in which Mark Allan Kaplan shows how all the various elements of Integral theory have been expressed on the big screen through some of our greatest and most cherished pop-culture landmarks. We are happy to present this groundbreaking series" - Editors, Integral Life


Integral Theory, as expressed by American philosopher Ken Wilber, is a neutral perceptual framework that integrates all the past and present domains of human knowledge, and offers several perspective-taking frameworks or lenses of perception through which we can perceive, experience, and integrate the multiple dimensions of existence. In this series of articles I explore applying these various Integral lenses to the creation and viewing of cinematic media, which I am defining as any media that uses moving (kinetic) images as a means of expression.

Introductory Dialogue on the Series:

Integral Cinema Studio:

A Comprehensive Guide to the Cinema Experience

with Ken Wilber and Mark Allan Kaplan

Articles in the Series:

The Holonic Lens

The Quadratic Lens

The Developmental Lens

The States Lens

The Typology Lens

The Zonal Lens

(Part I and II)

The Altitudinal Lens

(Part I and II)

The Energetic Lens

(Part I, II and III)

The Methodology Lens

(Part I, II and III)


Integral Cinema Studio by Mark Allan Kaplan

Integral Post: Transmissions from the Edge, Integral Life, 2011-2012



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