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transformative media services

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I offer transformative media consultation, analysis, and design services for individuals and organizations seeking to create moving image media for the purposes of supporting and eliciting healing, personal growth, human development, altered states of consciousness, and cultural and social change and transformation.

Orientation: Transformative, Integral, Transpersonal, Evolutionary, and Complexity Approaches to Moving Image Theory, Analysis, Development, Production and Distribution*

Specializations: Integral and Transpersonal Cinematic Theory and Practice, Cinematic Expression, Media-Assisted Healing and Transformation, Audiovisual Entrainment

Mediums: Film, Video, Multimedia, New Media, Video Games, Virtual Reality, and Moving Image-based Apps.

Services Offered:

  • Media Consultation Services: In-person, telephone, email, or video conference-based interactions between myself and you the client

  • Media Analysis Services: Deep cinemetric, psychometric, and sociometric analysis of scripts, storyworld designs, storyboards, pre-visualization presentations, film and video footage, and interactive media projects to give you and/or your organization a detailed map of your works expressive and communicative elements along with their aesthetic, critical, financial, and transformational potential

  • Media Design Services: The creation of a transformational media design template for your project offering a textual, visual, auditory, and interactivity map to achieve the desired transformational effect of the work

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  • Media Psychologist and Award-Winning Cinematic Artist

  • BA in Film and TV Production from USC School of Cinematic Arts

  • MFA in Motion Picture Direction from the American Film Institute

  • PhD in Transpersonal Psychology

  • Doctoral Certificate in Creative Expression

  • Post-Doctoral Certificate in Integral Theory

Previous Clients:

  • University of Chicago School of Medicine

  • University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine

  • Interval Research Corporation

  • Esalen Institute

  • Enlightenment.com

  • Concentric Media

  • Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

  • Association of Transpersonal Psychology

  • Write Brothers, Inc.

  • AGA Films


“Mark is a pioneer in the application of transpersonal, transcendental, and integral approaches to the theory and practice of the cinematic arts and the exploration of the relationship between the moving image and human consciousness.”

– James Fadiman, Ph.D. (Consciousness Researcher, Author, Film Producer, Co-Founder and Faculty Member of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and Sofia University)

“Mark is the pre-eminent theorist and practitioner of integral cinema and his work represents one of the most advanced and profound meta-theory’s of art and media to date.”

– Michael Schwartz, Ph.D. (Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Georgia Regents University)

“Mark’s work is the first mature application of Integral Theory to any domain of art.”

– Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Ph.D. (Founding CEO of MetaIntegral)

“Mark belongs to a rare breed of cinematic artist – he is both a talented and skilled artist and a brilliant, innovative theorist. With his impressive body of work, he follows in the footsteps of Eisenstein, Truffaut, and Brakhage.”

– Dorothy Fadiman (Oscar-Nominated, Emmy-Winning Independent Filmmaker)

“Mark’s passionate quest to explore the further reaches of film and media theory and practice is inspiring and holds great promise.”

– Jean Picker Firstenberg (President Emeritus, American Film Institute)

* Transformative Media is moving image media which seeks to elicit transformational experiences in the viewer and the creative  team, and contribute to the transformation of self, culture, and world. The unique aesthetic and experiential nature and multi-sensory capacities of the moving image in all its evolving forms makes it a potentially powerful and valuable tool for the mediation of individual and collective change and transformation. From the beginning of the history of the moving image, cinematic artists have attempted to use this transformative capacity of the medium to transport audiences to other realms; to affect cultural and political transformation; and more recently,  to induce healing and personal growth. Throughout the generations, the great cinematic masters have discovered, tested, and passed down the secrets to unlocking this inherent transformative capacity of the medium. Their wisdom is now being combined with the most recent advancements in audiovisual research, and the transformational technologies of integral, transpersonal, evolutionary and complexity theories and practices, to bring cinematic media to the next level of transformative power. For more information on these new transformative media approaches see Mark's pioneering articles on the subject: Transpersonal Dimensions of the Cinema, Toward an Integral Cinema, Integral Cinema Studio, and Integral Cinematic Analysis.




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