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divine guidance counseling & training


I offer integrally-informed personal development coaching for individuals and couples seeking deep transformative and evolutionary change and growth within themselves and in their relationship with others and the world. I also work with artists and other creatives seeking to nurture and develop their capacity to tap into creative and innovative dimensions of being and becoming.

Orientation: Integral, Transpersonal and Evolutionary Approaches to Personal and Interpersonal Development*

Specializations: Integrally-Informed and Evolutionary Personal and Interpersonal Development; Creative Development

Services Offered: Telephone, Email, or Skype-based Personal Development Coaching Services

Rate: $75.00 per hour

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  • Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology

  • Doctoral Certificate in Creative Expression

  • Post-Doctoral Certificate in Integral Theory

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

* Integral, transpersonal and evolutionary approaches to development work with both horizontal and vertical human development. Horizontal development is the traditional personal development approach of working with the development of skills and healing developmental challenges within the individual's or groups current structure of consciousness. When successful this approach produces change and transformation within the limits of the current stage of development. This type of change can alleviate or help transcend certain challenges, but many challenges can not be addressed by this type of intervention because they are challenges that require vertical change, or a shift from one stage of development to another. This is where the integral, transpersonal, and evolutionary approaches can help.



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