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the experience of

divine guidance




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The Experience of

Divine Guidance:

A Qualitative Study of the Human Endeavor to Seek, Receive, and Follow Guidance from a Perceived Divine Source


eBook (PDF)



$40.00 Printable eBook Edition

$25.00 Read-Only eBook Edition






This groundbreaking research study explores the common and unique structures of the experience of Divine guidance across spiritual traditions.


Offered in Two eBook Editions:

  • Printable eBook Edition for personal and academic use

  • Read-Only eBook Edition for digital viewing only

Also Available as a Google eBook




"...a real contribution to the field."

- Arthur Hastings, Ph.D. (Author of With the Tongues of Men and Angels)


This is a very impressive and highly original piece of work. Mark Allan Kaplan writes with clarity and brilliance. The research design is ingenious. The review of the literature is relevant and extensive. The co-researchers are diverse, impressive, honest, and insightful.

-  Carolyn Miller (Author of Creating Miracles: A Practical Guide to Divine Intervention)


"...extensive, informative, and interestingly presented. Thank you for this fine piece of work!"

- William Braud, Ph.D. (Author of Distance Mental Influence)




Author: Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D.

Format: eBook (PDF), 8.5 x 11

Pages: 477 pages

Language: English

Item Number: OGPUB-EDGE

ISBN-13: 978-0-9797980-6-1

ISBN-10: 0-9797980-6-X




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