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in loving memory



I gratefully acknowledge the blessings

the following individuals have brought into my life.

Though they have passed on from this world of physical form,

their gifts of love, knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration

live on in my heart and mind,

and in my very being.


Stella Adler

Angeles Arrien

Barin Bhattacharya

Adele Branner

Mel Branner

William Braud

Robert Churchill

Sam Dainas

Leonard Ellman

John Van Ess Firman

Arthur Hastings

Blind Joe Hill

Florence Kaplan

Harold Kaplan

Libby Kaplan

Joyce King

Larry King

Arthur Knight


Jack Lemmon

Edward K. Milkis

Dr. Herman Murcia

Barbara Myerhoff

Lester Novros

Daniel Petrie

Henry C. Rogers

Ed Rothkowitz

William Rudin

Nabuko Saeki

Hank Singer

Antonio Vellani

King Vidor

Robert Wise

Selma Zeidman

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