Tetragrammaton Shiviti

The Shiviti is a spiritual tool. It provides a visual focus for efforts to sense the Divine Presence.

Take some time to visually meditate on this Shiviti design which consists of the four letters of the Shem ha-Meforash (hvhy),

the Tetragrammaton or the unspeakable Name of the Divine.

Various visual meditation methods that can be used are:

Simply stare at one point in the design; soft focus the eyes on the entire design;

explore the detail of the design and let it wash over you; combine your visual meditation with focused breathing;

or any combination of these approaches.

As you face the presence of the Divine through the Shiviti,

allow yourself to feel surrounded by the Source of Life and let your vision melt into its embrace.


Integral Judaism Project, Pacific Grove, California




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