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sacred moments

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SACRED MOMENTS is a Digital Video Meditation created as an experiment in altered state induction through the application of sensory synchronization  using image, music, sound, text, and image/eye movement. 


The Process

Images included original color and black & white photographs taken with Nikon F and Nikon F2 cameras. Negative and transparency originals were scanned, edited and digitally enhanced in Adobe Photoshop, then assembled in Microsoft Movie Maker. Finished product was then converted to Windows Media and QuickTime file formats.

The photographic images were set to original music by composer Robert Clark, and then intercut with moving text representing abstract conceptualizations of the photographic images. A binaural sound track was then added to deepen the altered state induction process.

Various transpersonal practices were employed during the creation process to establish an optimum creative environment.


Project Information

Title: Sacred Moments

Series: Digital Meditation Series

Format: Digital Video, Color

Duration: 5 minutes

Distribution: Original Gravity, Pacific Grove, California.

Year: 2005




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