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PROGRESS is a short kinestasis (still-photo animation) and live-action experimental film exploring the development of human progress and the dangers inherent in the advancement of civilization and technology. 


The Process

All through my childhood, I struggled with finding a way to communicate with others. Being a stutterer made verbal communication difficult and emotionally painful, and I searched for others ways of expressing myself including drawing, painting, still photography, and architectural design. 

When I was sixteen I took a film class in high school. I was inspired by my teacher, Harvey Daniels, who revealed the magic and wonder of the moving image to me. I teamed up with a friend, and we made PROGRESS as our final class project. 

I loved creating the film, and felt a sense of joy and purpose. When we showed the film in class, people laughed and cried. I felt a chill shoot up and down my spine as the flickering light and dancing celluloid images touched the hearts and minds of others. Time appeared to stand still, and I experienced a feeling of deep connection with everyone in the room. I felt that I was communicating deeply with others for the first time in my life. I also had a sense of great mystery, as though I had become a channel for something greater than myself. Suddenly, I knew that this was my path, my gift, my calling.


Project Information

Title: Progress

Format: Super 8; Color; Sound

Duration: 15 minutes

Year: 1974

Awards and Honors:  FIRST PLACE, PBS Young Filmmakers Festival, USA, 1975; KODAK TEENAGE MOVIE AWARD, Eastman Kodak Company, USA, 1974.

Exhibitions:  Kodak Teenage Movie Award Festival, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York, 1974

Broadcasts: PBS Young Filmmakers Showcase, USA, 1974.




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