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GUN is the story of a gun. A gun that has the power to move from place to place on its own volition. 

The Gun gives a street punk the power to climb the ladder of criminality from shoplifter to killer; then it leads a frightened fisherman down the trail of thoughtless action. 

With each incident, the gun grows stronger in power, until ultimately, in the final scene, it pulls its' own trigger.


Statement of Purpose

GUN is a visual and dramatic representation of the inherent power of guns and their effect on people by their very presence. 



Ever since I witnessed gun violence first hand while attending high school in Chicago's inner city, I have had a strong feeling that the very presence of guns affects the people and events around them. The idea for GUN came to me while listening to the Beatles "Happiness is a Warm Gun" on the stereo at the same time that I was reading a newspaper article about handgun violence. Suddenly, I saw a series of images in my mind's eye which then unfolded into a series of stories. The rest of the story solidified when I rented a Magnum 44 prop gun and held it in my hand. I felt a powerful force inherent in the gun and I studied its presence and attempted to capture this presence on film.  


Project Information

Title: Gun

Format: 16mm; Black & White; Sound

Duration: 9 minutes

Featuring: Michael Leon, John Bernabei, James Cubby, Ronald Agular and John Townsend

Student Produced at: University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, California.

Year: 1980

Exhibitions: Los Angeles Film Exposition (Filmex), USA, 1980; Future Filmworks Showcase, Nuart Theater, USA, 1981

Broadcasts: Z Channel, 1981. 




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