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dropout blues

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"The appealing music, candid accounts, and relaxed format of this Blue Ribbon winner at the American Film and Video Festival will attract young viewers." 

-- Booklist

An educational film about teenage dropouts. Teens relate their own experiences as dropouts and explain why they returned to school - or wish they had. Interwoven dramatic sequences illustrate the consequences of dropping out.

The year this film was released it was shown to every student in the Los Angeles school district. The following year there was a forty-percent decrease in the number of kids who dropped out of school.


Project Information

Title: Dropout Blues

Format: 16mm Color

Duration: 19 minutes

Produced for: Churchill Films and the Los Angeles Board of Education, Los Angeles, California

Year: 1987

Distribution: Clearview & SVE Media

Awards and Honors: Winner - First Place, Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival, USA 1988

Exhibitions: Los Angeles Public Schools, 1987-1990.

Broadcasts: Channel 4, England.






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