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In this Digital Video Meditation, integral and  transpersonal approaches to the creation of film, video, and multimedia expressions are explored in an attempt to capture interspecies resonance and the presence and atmosphere of a natural environment. 

Specifically, BUTTERFLIES is an attempt to capture the experience and state of consciousness one can enter when being in the midst of a monarch butterfly habitat.


The Process

BUTTERFLIES was shot at the monarch butterfly sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California over several days at the height of the monarch butterfly mating season.

Integral and transpersonal practices were used in the recording and editing of BUTTERFLIES to induce transformative creation-states in order to attempt to capture and express cinematic resonance between creator, non-human sentient subjects (monarch butterflies), and the viewer.


Project Information

Title: Butterflies

Series: Digital Meditation Series

Format: Digital Video, Color

Duration: 5 minutes

Location: Monarch Grove Sanctuary,  Pacific Grove, California.

Sponsorship: Integral Institute, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, and Conference Recording Services.


Distribution: Original Gravity, Pacific Grove, California.

Year: 2009


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