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what is the dream dreaming me

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A video documentary on Transpersonal Psychology with various leaders in the field.


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this media project was to create a short  high quality video that would foster a general understanding of the concept of the Transpersonal and the field of Transpersonal Psychology for lay people, and a deepening of understanding for those already familiar with the field.

This video was designed to be presented to the psychological community and the general public through distribution in the psychological, educational, public media, and direct sales markets.


Project Design

The general approach for the communication of this intended purpose was through the interviewing of various leaders in the field of Transpersonal Psychology.

The diverse perceptions of those being interviewed is woven together to create a tapestry of information and perspectives that, when experienced in a cumulative form, impart a gestalt understanding of the topic.

The project is designed to enable the viewing of the subject matter through the three lenses of (1) definition and theory, (2) significance for the individual, and (3) significance for community and culture.

All three lenses or views of the subject include theoretical, practical, dramatic- poetic, and personal- experiential forms of discourse.

Visual imagery was integrated throughout the piece to blend the various elements together and to deepen the viewing experience through symbolic and sub-textual communication.


Production Methodology

The production of this video has been approached as a sacred journey.

Prayer, meditation, and altered states of consciousness have been utilized throughout the production process to create an atmosphere of sacredness and invitation.

Each interview was treated as a sacred encounter and the produced material was held in honor and respect throughout the process.

The intention behind this approach was to create a video about the transpersonal using transpersonal methods and practices in all areas of production.


Project Information

Title: What is the Dream Dreaming Me?

Format: Video

Duration: 8 Minutes

Featuring: James Fadiman, Ph.D., Stanislav Grof, M.D., Judith-Annette Milburn, Ph.D, Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, and Huston Smith.

Produced for: The Association for Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California.

Presented at: The Association for Transpersonal Psychology National Conference, San Francisco, California, 1998

Year: 1997


James Fadiman, Ph.D.

"Most psychology starts at normal and goes down into neurosis, psycho-pathology and high disturbance. Transpersonal psychology is more interested in the upper half of human functioning..." 


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Stanislav Grof, M.D.

"Transpersonal Psychology... studies the entire spectrum of human experience including what we call the non-ordinary states of consciousness..."


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Judith-Annette Milburn, Ph.D

"Transpersonal psychology is a process that enables us to connect with that which is greater than the ego."


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Carole Proudfoot-Edgar

"...When I am really present
and when I am working with others in this whole transpersonal way, I know without a doubt that there is a dream dreaming me..."


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Huston Smith

"Transpersonal psychology says, that there is a part of us that is greater, nobler, better  than we consciously realize...""


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