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In this Digital Video Meditation, transpersonal approaches to the creation of film, video, and multimedia expressions are explored by attempting to capture the presence and atmosphere of a natural environment and the state of consciousness one can acquire when meditating on natural beauty. 

Specifically, ASILOMAR is an attempt to capture the presence of place of Asilomar State Beach on the Monterey Peninsula in California.


The Process

ASILOMAR was shot during the Association of Transpersonal Psychology Annual Conference held at Asilomar Conference Center at the Asilomar State Beach.

I performed a mindfulness meditation practice before recording any images. I used an adapted form of mindfulness walking practice during video recording, attempting to ritualization the technology and integrate into a mindfulness cinematography practice. I walked the grounds of the conference center and beach in this state of mindfulness, attempting to be hyper-aware of my consciousness, my body and the technology in my hands, and the natural environment all around me, and attempting to harmonize and flow with it.

I used these same mindfulness practices in the editing of the work as well. Part of this practice was attempting to sense the presence and flow of the images and sound and seeking to find natural juxtapositions and transitions that resonated with the presence of place and consciousness this presence induced.

This was my first test of the application of transpersonal practices for cinematic media practice.


Project Information

Title: Asilomar

Series: Digital Meditation Series

Format: Digital Video, Color

Duration: 5 minutes

Location: Asilomar State Beach and Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California.

Sponsorship: Integral Institute, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, and Conference Recording Services.


Distribution: Original Gravity, Pacific Grove, California.

Year: 1995



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