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Naked Line

Naked Line Ink on paper

Line Man

Line Man Ink on paper

Eye Draw Me

Eye Draw Me Ink on paper

Angel Girl

Angel Girl Ink on paper

Holy Man

Holy Man Ink on paper

Birth Flower

Birth Flower Ink on paper

Thoughts Have Wings

Thoughts Have Wings Ink on paper

Train of Thought

Train of Thought Ink on paper

Blown Away

Blown Away Ink on paper

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Ink on paper

Surf No Surf

Surf No Surf Ink on paper

Love Seat

Love Seat Ink on paper

Cup'a Joe

Cup'a Joe Ink on paper

Particle Wave

Particle Wave Ink on paper

Endless Thirst

Endless Thirst Ink on paper

Jazzed Man

Jazzed Man Ink on paper


Jammin Ink on paper

Guitar Speak

Guitar Speak Ink and Watercolor on paper

Bulb Light

Bulb Light Ink and Watercolor on paper

Moving Still Life

Moving Still Life Ink and Watercolor on paper

Spring to Life

Spring to Life Ink and Watercolor on paper

Ah So...

Ah So... Ink and Watercolor on paper



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 text | cine | photo | art | design | multi

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