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teachers and mentors

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"A teacher is a compass that activates

the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom..."

- Ever Garrison






Stella Adler (Scene Study; Directing the Actor)

Elliot Aronson (Social Psychology; Communication; Perception)

Angeles Arrien (Shamanism)

Baba Hari Dass (Hinduism)

Blind Joe Hill (Life; the Blues)

Bruce Block (Cinematic Expression)

Mitchell Block (Motion Picture Producing, Marketing, and Distribution)

Robert Boyle (Production Design; Storyboarding)

William Braud (Transpersonal Psychology; Integral Inquiry)

Bill Burns (Parapsychology)

Hedges Capers (Transactional Analysis)

Robert Churchill (Educational Filmmaking)

Pat Collins (Hypnosis)

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens (Integral Theory)

James Fadiman (Transpersonal Psychology; Sufism)

Syd Field (Screenwriting)

John Van Ess Firman (Psychosynthesis)

Rabbi Steven Fisdel (Judaism; Kabbalah)

Robert Frager (Transpersonal Psychology; Aikido; Sufism)

Rabbi Judith HaLevy (Judaism)

Arthur Hastings (Transpersonal Psychology; Hypnotherapy; Teaching)

Louise Hay (Somatic Psychology)

John Heider (Tao of Leadership)

Gerald Jampolsky (A Course in Miracles)

Arthur Knight (Film History)

Krishnamurti (Spirituality)

Frank Lawlis (Biofeedback)

Jill Mellick (Transpersonal Creative Expression)

Edward K. Milkis (Motion Picture Producing)

Caroline Miller (Divine Guidance and Intervention)

Eric Morris (Acting for the Screen)

Barbara Myerhoff (Personal Anthropology)

Robert Nadeau (Aikido; Energy Training)

Lester Novros (Cinematic Expression)

Father Sean O’laoire (Christianity)

Daniel Petrie (Motion Picture Directing)

Asha Praver (Self-Realization; Divine Guidance)

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar (Shamanism)

David Puttnam (Motion Picture Producing)

Dean Radin (Parapsychology)

Ram Dass (Spirituality)

Henry C. Rogers (Public Relations)

Hillevi Ruumet (Jungian Psychology)

Kevin Ryerson (Parapsychology)

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (Judaism; Kabbalah)

Robert Schmitt (Spiritual Direction)

Sister Mary Ann Scofield (Christianity; Spiritual Direction)

Rabbi Rami Shapiro (Judaism)

Ben Shedd (Documentary Filmmaking)

Kathleen Speeth (Therapeutic Attention)

Brother David Steindl-Rast (Christianity)

Russell Targ (Parapsychology)

Charles Tart (Consciousness Studies)

Jeremy Taylor (Dreams)

Antonio Vellani (Cinematic Dramaturgy)

Marianne Williamson (A Course in Miracles)

King Vidor (Motion Picture Directing)

Mark Waldman (Transpersonal Psychology)

Ken Wilber (Integral Theory)

Robert Wise (Motion Picture Directing and Editing)



"I have gathered a bouquet of the flowers of others

 and only the thread  that bonds them is my own. "

- Michel Montaigne


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